PGCAG 2018 Goals and Targets


Fireworks have flown and lit up the sky, toasts have been made, New Year resolutions have been promised anew; all of these were done as a way of ushering in this brand-new year, 2018. And last week, the PGCAG had a different way of welcoming 2018. As followers of the Lord, there is no bigger celebration than seeing people being won for the Lord! Which is why we kicked off the start of the year with the Annual Leadership Summit! The summit was an avenue for leaders in the PGCAG to not only be equipped but to share the common goal that we will be striving for this year! It truly was a sight to see people from all over the country taking up the mantle of leadership as we face a fresh new harvest field!

At the end of the summit, the leadership of the PGCAG has set its sights on 7 specific goals for the year!

  • Plant 300 churches nationwide – Each district to plant 10-20 Churches
  • Establish 1000 preaching points, outstations and evangelistic crusades
  • An increase in conversions, water baptisms and Holy Spirit baptisms
  • Motivate and mobilize 2020 men, women and youth for various ministries
  • To raise 10 million pesos for Missions, both home and abroad
  • Work and believe God for an increase of 20% in local Church attendance
  • Enlist 10,000 prayer intercessors nationwide.

Knowing nothing is impossible with our God and all of us are beside ourselves in anticipation of what 2018 will bring once we hit all these goals! You too have a part to play in this! Like in every big endeavor, there are no small roles! God want and needs you to go out in the fields and take part in turning these goals into a reality!

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