National Youth Alive Summit 2017


“Christianity is a generation away from extinction,” this was a reality presented by the former Archbishop of Canterbury. It is a thought that highlights the importance of passing the baton of faith to the next generation. Which is why it is encouraging to know that for the youth of the Philippines, Christianity is alive and very much well. This was evident in the National Youth Alive Summit or NYAS that was held from May 30 to June 1, 2017.

The Lord’s presence has definitely came down and filled the Urios Gymnasium and empowered the passionate delegates in attendance. Everyone present – the Pastors, the staff, the coordinators and the more than 1500 young people – were all fired up, with their hearts burning for the great commission, passion for souls and the work of the Kingdom.  A good number have indicated a calling for missions and some will even be visiting the missions works in Camboadia and Laos later in the year.  The delegates were from all the districts of the Assemblies of God throughout the Philippines.

This summit was geared towards empowering the youth so they can be mobilized for ministry and all the speakers were able to encourage as well as empower this generation as they go forward in fulfilling the Great Commission.  The evening rallies were so power-packed and our very own PGCAG General Superintendent Rev. Dr. David A. Sobrepeña emphasized on the importance of focusing and heeding God’s call in our lives. Ptr Eric Miller, a missionary to Davao who started an institution to train and build future ministers, was among the evening rally speakers who zeroed in on the value of being in tune with the Spirit. Joining the pool of anointed speakers were Rev. Yee Tham Wan, president of APTS (Asia Pacific Theological Seminary), Rev. Gene Cagas, Rev Herman Dionson, Pastor Joseph Neil Bercero and Ms. Arlene L. Cunanan-de Guzman.

The Summit also introduced the various ministry arms of the Youth Department such as campus ministry, young professionals and leadership training among others.

This was also the first youth summit that was organized following the crisis of the PGCAG and it shows that the will of the Lord is mightier than any storm we can face. The summit showcased as well how passionate the Filipino youth is to go out and reach more people for Christ. It is evident how this next generation is ready to take their turn in going out to the mission field to fulfill the great commission in their generation. Truly the Christian faith is alive and well in the Philippines and with this momentum, it is truly exciting to see how this generation as well as future generations of Filipino youth who are passionate for the word of God will affect not just our nation but the world.